Backyard Classroom: 5 Options for Homeschooling Your Kids in Your ADU


During the pandemic, many parents have learned that homeschooling their children is an ideal method for them to continue their education while remaining safe. If you’ve opted to homeschool, you have a wealth of alternatives just outside your back door! You’re in luck if you have an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) on your California property! You have nearly endless alternatives for educating your children without messing with the primary living area if you have an ADU. Here are five suggestions for using your backyard garden to teach your children at home.

1. Gardening Study

If you have an ADU, you can homeschool your children in a variety of ways. Gardening workshops are an excellent way to round out your homeschooling education. Raising herbs and vegetables in a garden bed teaches youngsters about the plant life cycle and the value of excellent soil and sunshine in growth and development. In addition, they may learn about pest management, composting, and seed planting.

The ADU may be utilized to prepare, clean, and design the garden without disrupting your main living space. For example, Acton ADU may provide customized ADUs with cleaning kitchens and additional storage for gardening tools.

Gardening helps children to receive some fresh air and exercise outside, which is especially important for youngsters who spend most of their day sitting at a desk or in front of a computer monitor. Your children will gain knowledge about nature and the great outdoors in a park environment, whether you pick a little herb garden or have enough room for numerous beds.

2. Animal Research

Another enticing alternative is to incorporate animal studies into your children’s schooling. Gardening or monitoring and engaging with local wildlife are two ways to work with and learn from animals in your own backyard. There are also several internet resources available to assist you in learning more about insects, birds, reptiles, mammals, and other animals both at home and in the classroom. Immersion in the animal world may help your children better comprehend all forms of life on Earth while also teaching them essential qualities like caring for others and observing the natural environment.

Do you have any pets? If this is the case, they have the potential to be an excellent tool for teaching youngsters about responsibility, empathy, and animal behavior. If you don’t already have pets, this could be a good time to obtain one for the ADU! Every day, the kids can go to the ADU and report on their observations of the pet, or they can help with everyday activities like feeding and cleaning. Since they must go to different sites each day, children receive classroom experience. Depending on your local rules, you may be allowed to purchase a chicken or even a goat. Just be sure you complete your assignments first.

Consider adding animal studies to your children’s education if you’re seeking new ways to teach them in an ADU! This might motivate them to seek a profession in animal protection, such as marine biology, veterinary medicine, or zoology!

3. Utilizing Nature to Create Art

Discovering nature’s art is an excellent method to homeschool your children in your ADU. Children may create their own artistic expression while finding and connecting with the world around them through this immersive learning experience. Diversification activities include:

  • Drawing or painting in natural environments.
  • Weather monitoring.
  • Recording or tracking animal activity.

There are countless methods for your child to engage with the natural environment via art, regardless of their talents or interests. To obtain some fresh air, you might either take a day excursion to a local park or open the windows in your ADU. There are several opportunities for artistic discovery and development.

The greatest benefit of having an art studio in your ADU is that it helps you to be more creative. Furthermore, because Acton ADU offers customized ADUs in Berkley, CA, you may incorporate a kitchen space for quick and easy clean-ups! Therefore, why not begin today and provide your children with a genuinely special education?

4. A Reading Spot in the Backyard

Another unusual homeschooling option for your ADU is to build a quiet outdoor reading corner where your children may relax with their favorite books. Use unusual blankets or cushions, as well as comfy sitting alternatives like beanbag chairs or lounge chairs, to give interest to the room. This one-of-a-kind learning atmosphere may inspire your children to love reading while also giving them a tranquil escape from the rigors of everyday life. Consider creating a reading nook in your ADU if you want to homeschool your children more efficiently!

5. Experiments in STEM

You may homeschool your children at your ADU in a variety of ways. Science experiments are the most entertaining and engaging approach to do this. Educational science projects are a terrific way to hold your kids’ attention and help them learn in a fun way, whether you’re exploring new topics or reinforcing ones they’ve previously known.

STEM activities are an excellent method to include scientific research into your homeschooling routine. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) is the bedrock upon which many other disciplines of study are built. Numerous websites provide detailed directions for carrying out this sort of experiment at any academic level, from kindergarten to high school. Build star jars, study buoyancy with a handmade boat, or build contraptions out of common household materials to put elementary mechanics to the test.

Everyday things may be utilized to teach science ideas in more typical lab settings. Filling plastic bags with different quantities of water and gently shaking the bag to watch how much it changes form are two basic examples of beginning chemical reactions by mixing different household chemicals in bowls or Petri dishes and studying their behavior over time.

Basic experiments focusing on what’s going on outside your ADU may include measuring temperature variations throughout the day with thermal imaging cameras or experimenting with cloud formation in small DIY terrariums when a nearby storm goes through.

Science projects will be both exciting and instructional, regardless of how you teach your children in your ADU. So jump right in and let your creativity soar! You and your kids will both have a great time learning new things!

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