Cosmetic POS system – complete instructions for 2020


Your beauty salon is primarily about your customer, right? But how can a POS system help you make your customers happy?

Cosmetic POS system: In these complete instructions, we explain step by step what you need to look out for with a POS system for your cosmetic studio and what added value a modern POS program offers you.

After reading this guide, you will be able to make important basic decisions and know exactly what is important in a beauty salon POS system.

POS system free of charge? Is that possible?

A free cash register system for your beauty salon? This works out. But is it a good idea?

Because one thing is certain: Just because something is free does not necessarily mean that it costs nothing.

As a beautician, you must do a number of tasks every day. In addition to the core business, you should ideally also take care of the accounting on a regular basis. The topic is not exactly popular – so many beauticians toy with the idea of installing a free cash register system in the salon.

But is that smart? Below are 4 key questions to ask yourself before choosing a free system.

  • Do several colleagues work with the system?
  • Do I have the time to make all the adjustments myself?
  • Do I have the necessary know-how to install the system?
  • How important is the usability of the POS system to me?

And? Are your tech-savvy enough to install the system yourself in your salon and adjust it if necessary?

Do you have the time to set up and configure everything?

Many beauty salon owners would rather answer these questions with no. And that’s understandable. After all, it depends primarily on the core business, right? The POS system should therefore be a friend and helper and not cause more work than necessary.

Interim conclusion: Free cosmetics checkout system: Your checkout system should be quick to install and easy to use? Then you should rather opt for a professional system. Here you can find out more about free cash register systems.

Cosmetic POS system: You must pay attention to this

Cash register systems for cosmetic studios are no longer boring gray blocks. Fortunately, a good checkout program these days can manage all sorts of things for you.

Whether you an app as a POS system sets or you zoologist a complete system including hardware – a modern cash register program can cash in as just a lot more.

But what exactly should your new POS system be able to do?

You should pay attention to these points when you check out your cosmetic studio:

  • Conformity with the requirements of the tax office
  • Online appointment and rebooking
  • Creation of individual duty rosters
  • Customer loyalty through discounts and vouchers
  • Available online and offline

Would you like more information about the cosmetics POS system? Here we give you detailed information.

Cosmetic studio POS system – which functions are included?

What very few owners of a cosmetic studio know: The till system is the heart of the store. As already mentioned, a modern cash register system relieves you of a large part of the administrative work.

But which functions should a professional POS system offer? And how can it support you in your everyday work?

Click Here For Pos Systems: Your new POS program should offer you these functions

  • Cash book: You can only make decisions if you have a good overview of your sales. A well-structured cash book helps you to always maintain an overview and to make the right decisions.
  • Statistics: Not for everyone, but so important. Information about your colleagues, customers and sales form the basis of your success.  A modern cash register system can deliver this to you at the push of a button.
  • Calendar bookings: Your customers usually don’t come to your store without an appointment. But to sort it all out with pen and paper? Not in the 21st century. Customers enjoy the opportunity to conveniently book an appointment in your salon online. A modern cash register program automatically enters the bookings in the calendar.
  • Payment methods:Customers are increasingly answering this question with “Card please”. Therefore, you should give your customers the ability to pay how they want.
  • Data security: It is not only important to process payments quickly. The security of the stored data is also a high priority. Or do you want third parties to gain access to your business data? Modern POS systems have the highest security standards – you should attach great importance to this.
  • Manage data easily: A POS system must be easy to use. You want to manage your appointments easily and change them in no time. Professional POS programs are very user-friendly.
  • Management of employees: Your store only works if your colleagues can work efficiently. With a modern cash register system, you can see exactly which of your employees is doing a good job. You can also create duty rosters at the push of a button and thus simplify the organization.
  • Managing Customers: How about if you could find out which of your customers are generating the most revenue for you? It’s very tedious with paper and pen, isn’t it? A professional cash register system gives you this information immediately.
  • Daily and monthly financial statements: Not only is your tax advisor happy here, but you too can get a great overview of your financial statements. Confusing Excel tables are a thing of the past, because professional cash register systems help you to keep track of things.