6 Ways To Protect Your iPhone 12 Mini Case NZ & Make It Last Longer


iPhone 12 Mini Case is a very important accessory for your iPhone 12 Mini. It protects your device from scratches and bumps while also adding a bit of style to the device. However, over time, the case can start to look old and worn out. Here are 6 ways you can protect your iPhone 12 Mini Case NZ & Make It Last Longer:

1. Do not scratch the back cover of your iPhone 12 Mini Case with any sharp object or tool. The back cover is made of glass, and it is easily scratched. If you want your back cover to be protected from scratches, make sure that you avoid using sharp objects or tools on it.

2. Store your iPhone 12 Mini Case in a pouch or bag when not in use. If you don’t have a pouch or bag, then put it inside another bag where there are no sharp objects present so that you can avoid damaging your phone’s case.

3. Clean your iPhone 12 Mini Case regularly. Use a microfiber cloth or a lint roller to remove dirt and dust from the surface of your case. This will help prevent scratches from building up over time.

4. Don’t keep your phone in hot places. Heat can damage the adhesive on a case, causing it to lose its grip on the phone and fall off. If you’re using a hard shell or silicone case, you can heat it up by putting it in the microwave for 10 seconds (or less). If you’re using a leather or fabric case, put it under your armpit for about five minutes before putting it on your phone.

5. Don’t expose it to water or dust. Water-resistant cases are designed to protect against light rain and splashes but not full submersion in water. If you use such a case with an unprotected screen or other exposed parts, water can get inside and cause damage to internal components through corrosion or short circuits from moisture buildup inside connectors and cables. Even if you don’t submerge your phone completely, even small amounts of water can cause serious damage if they get inside where they don’t belong (such as into the charging port).

6. Get a sturdy case. Look for cases made out of soft silicone, TPU or polycarbonate materials. These materials offer great protection against drops but aren’t as rigid as hard plastic cases. If you want more protection, look for cases with reinforced corners and edges that provide extra cushioning against drops.

Why You Should Use A Cover For Your Phone

The iPhone 12 mini case NZ is the most important accessory for your phone because it protects the body from scratches and other physical damage.

If you have an iPhone 12 mini, then you should take good care of it by using a protective cover. There are many reasons why you should use a cover for your phone, but here are some of them:

Protects Your Phone From Scratches And Damages

The main function of a cover is to protect your phone from scratches and other physical damage. When you don’t have a cover on your phone, it may get scratched when placed in your pocket or bag. The cover will protect not only the front side of your phone but also the backside. The back side of your phone could also get damaged if it falls on hard surfaces like concrete or tiled floors.

They’re Stylish

One of the best things about using a case for your iPhone 12 mini is that it can make your phone look great. There are so many different designs out there to choose from, so you’re sure to find something that suits your style.

Protection From Moisture

Your phone may be waterproof, but that doesn’t mean it can survive being submerged in water for long periods of time — especially if there is sand or dirt around where you drop your phone into the water. A case will help keep out dust and sand that could damage your device when submerged in water.

Protection From Impact

The iPhone 12 mini is made of glass and aluminium, which means it’s more durable than previous models. However, if you drop your phone on a hard surface, there’s still a chance that it could get damaged. A case will give your extra phone protection against impact damage.


The best way to protect your iPhone from damage is to use a phone case. However, you need to choose the right case so that it does its job. There are many affordable and rich cases for sale at BWG, but you have to choose wisely because some could end up damaging your phone. Wishing you good luck in choosing the right iphone 12 mini case NZ!