Organising Corporate Virtual Event in Singapore for Success

While the value of face-to-face interaction will not fade, many have found an alternative to communicating virtually. Hosting and conducting a virtual event in Singapore and other parts of the globe became a necessity. Whether you are marketing a product, conducting a business event or launching an exhibition, virtual events have provided benefits for many. With that, organisations have reaped the benefit of reducing costs and the ability to make their event further/more global reaching. Some organisations conducting virtual events may struggle with the challenges associated with the technicalities. A...

Edison SEO: Building Businesses in NJ’s Melting Pot

Edison is similar to a melting pot. How? Just like a melting pot has many ingredients, Edison has many ethnicities. And similar to how each of the melting pot’s flavors makes the soup delicious, each of Edison’s ethnic groups makes the city’s culture more attractive. This diversity gives Edison its unique identity. But uniqueness is not the only thing cultural diversity brings. It brings lots of business challenges as well. A business thrives with solid marketing. And strong marketing builds on a thorough understanding of the audience base. But if...

The Rise of Video Conferencing

Since remote work became the norm in the past two years amid the COVID-19 pandemic, investing in solutions that can help improve collaboration has become a must for businesses. Some invest in an office headset, while numerous companies invest in new laptops that make working from home and other remote locations possible. This also allowed employees to try video conferencing, which has been gaining popularity recently.  Video conferencing technology is now used by many companies and professionals worldwide. It helps employees avoid communication gaps and save companies money on travel expenses....
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