Equalizer Music Player Booster


Beethoven once said, “Music can change the World”. This is an extremely delightful topic to relate to. Music is an extremely vast subject with a wide range of types and preferences. But one thing most people can relate to is that music is beneficial for the human soul. Not just humans, even plants and animals have proven to show effects of healing and growth around musical environments. Music is like medicine to one’s soul and heals us. It is truly something wonderful and heaven to one’s ear. 

Music has evolved throughout the years and people have demonstrated different preferences to different genres of music. Despite all the differences, the common quality music tends to depict is its ability to make someone feel better in an instance. You might be feeling depressed, sad, happy, lonely, or even confused, but music can be the companion you have always wanted and needed in your life. Science has also proven that people who listen to music have shown more self-confidence, skills, and progress in terms of physical and mental health. Plants have also shown a significantly rapid healing and growth process with the presence of music.

Android TV Music Player

If you are someone who loves music, who loves to create music, or even someone who just wants to listen to music with extremely good quality, the Equalizer Music Player Booster is the best choice offered to you by android studio for absolutely free. It is not just a player that allows you to listen to your favourite playlists. 

But it is also an app and platform that lets you modify music as per your choice and experience the best audio platform you will ever lay your hands on. Apart from its brilliant HD sound quality, it has a bass volume booster that is extremely powerful and also allows you to have smooth transitions between all of your favourite tracks. 

It also lets you mix and mash all of your music despite the genre and enhances the audio quality to a level you would have never even imagined. With Equalizer Music Player Booster, you can now take control over your music experience and compose the best track of your life. It has also eliminated the most frustrating feature many music apps have, which is the disability to play music on the app when you exit the app and consult other apps on your smart device. So, go ahead and scroll through while enjoying your favourite playlists. 

Get your hands on this app that offers you all amazing features that will let you have the best audio experience in your life, and you can now be your own DJ!

Download Equalizer Music Player for Android TV and Fire TV

You can use your default TV app store to download this application for free. If you are not able to download and install this app for free, you can use alternative TV app store like AppLinked, Unlinked, FileSynced, Aptoide TV or APKTime. 

You can select your favorite TV app store from above list. For app stores like AppLinked, Unlinked and FileSynced require TV code. For Aptoide TV and APKTime does not require such codes to access files.