Find the Best Solutions for Tiktok Promotion


Currently the most popular app is Tiktok. In this application, you put a song in the background and at the same time shoot a video while the music is playing. For example, in a video, you can dance to the beat of the music or do something else in it.

  • So it works the same way as Snapchat. The difference is that in Tiktok you can choose a song for the background. You can also choose to make the video public or keep it just for yourself so others can’t see it.

The video can be published to the application in any script you want, and various filters can be added to it. In this app you can add others as friends. In addition, through the app, you can send requests to make duet videos, for example. That is, you can describe a duet with someone else. In the app you can like and comment on other people’s videos.

Can TikTok be the next big platform for influencer marketing?

The most avid pioneers have already tried influencer marketing campaigns at TikTok, like Calvin Klein harnessing top names in videos for their own account. It meanwhile, ran an extensive TikTok campaign, using super-popular twin and sibling accounts to produce content on its own channels in training apparel. In addition to the content, the campaign included a challenge in line with the operational logic of the platform. In Finland, TikTok’s effectiveness in commercial communities has been tested, for example, by Yle. In case of tiktok promotion this is important

  • For the time being, TikTok’s terms of service prohibit commercial cooperation in the application. However, influencer marketing tools can be utilized in the form of brand challenges and TikTok counterparts, for example. In the name of ethics, it is good to keep in mind that the majority of Finnish TikTok users are under 18 years of age.

Global trends show that TikTok may have the potential to grow as a channel to reach the awkward Z-generation. While the hype around TikTok is rampant right now, it doesn’t guarantee the app will ever gain popularity like Instagram and YouTube. We are following the development of this trend with great interest so that we can provide fresh information on new trends in the industry.

What is Tiktok

TikTok is a Chinese-based social media application where users consume and create short video content. The app provides an easy-to-use video creation tool that enables content production on the channel for all users. TikTok was launched in 2017 and its popularity has grown exponentially over the past year. The popularity of the application is also indicated by the number of downloads of the application, and TikTok has become the most downloaded social media application in the world in 2019. In 2019, TikTok was downloaded even more than Facebook.

User numbers and user base

TikTok has more than 800 million active monthly users worldwide. The application is actively used in up to 150 countries. TikTok is very popular, especially among young people, as 93% of all users of the app are under 25 years old. TikTok’s largest single user group is 13-18 year olds, which is about 43% of all users of the application. Although the number of young users is highlighted in TikTok, the app also has older users up to the age of 40. The majority of TikTok users (64% of all users) are women.

What are TikTok Filters?

One thing that has really taken off recently is TikTok AR filters. These filters augment the real word and apply different things to the user through their camera in real time. There effects can then be recorded and shared on the TikTok platform. Currently there is a huge amount of organic reach that can be achieved and creating brand based TikTok AR filters is an excellent way to amplify your engagement. If you are interested in creating a TikTok AR filter for your brand check out this AR agency TEJ.