How Can I Repair Samsung Screen In Different Ways?


If you have a Samsung phone with a cracked screen, you are searching for a repaired Samsung screen on the Google site. Because the cracked screen phone looks devastated, you don’t want to take it with you anymore. Don’t worry, and you can get many ways to replace or repair your Samsung screen quickly.

On the internet, you will see many options that will help you repair your Samsung phone screen. But before talking about different ways of fixing, first of all, you have to determine the area of the crack and either your screen is slightly cracked or completely chopped or broken. Once you know it, then you have to move towards the methods.

Ways of repairing:

 Using packing tape:

This method is used for the temporary benefit to don’t cutting your fingers from the cracked screen. Moreover, with the help of packing tape, you can protect your phone screen from more cracking before you can go to another method to repair or replace your Samsung screen.

All you have to do is cover your phone’s screen with packing tape and place everything carefully while taping. In the end, trim it using a knife, and then you will see that it will look like a proper screen protector for your Samsung screen.

 Using screen protector:

This is the best solution and prevention as it protects your screen from cracking even if it falls on the ground. Sometimes when your Samsung phone falls, you will see that your screen looks like spider web cracks, and then you have to change the protector of your phone as it will not harm your screen.  You can say that it is an improved version of packing tape.

Using the DIY method of replacing screen:

If you have any experience of technical work, then you can also replace your screen easily. Otherwise, it is highly recommended to consult any professional in this field. But don’t consider that it is impossible to fix your Samsung screen on your own.

Before replacing your Samsung screen by yourself, you should consider some essential things. First of all, search for the cost of a phone’s screen replacement because most screens nowadays are not cheap.

Then you should consider the warranty situation because it may void your phone’s warranty and insurance policies. It’s easy to replace screens of older models like Galaxy S1 to S5, J1 to J3, and Note1 to Note four, etc.

Method of replacing old model phone screen:

First of all, remove the SIM card, micro SD card, and rear cover. Then remove the battery of the phone. Next, you have to unscrew to mid-frame and then disconnect different cables and components. Now detach the motherboard and mid-frame from the phone’s screen. At last, reassemble your Samsung phone with a new screen.

Contact phone repair services:

This option is considered the best for those who don’t know anything about the repair of the screen. Those phone repair services have professionals that can repair your phone’s screen in one hour or less. Although you have to pay out some money at these shops, it’s much more convenient than trying other options.

The payment for screen repairing depends upon the model of your Samsung phone. It ranges differently for different models of Samsung phones. Moreover, these shops offer you warranties; if your screen fails during the warranty period, they will provide you with free labour or discounted parts.

Using insurance claims:

If you have an insurance claim for your phone, this is the cheapest option after cracking or breaking your phone’s screen. You can repair your screen even in one day if any authorized Samsung phone centre is near your home.

On the other hand, you have to send your phone to the centre through email. But some insurance companies allow you to replace the phone model rather than repair the phone’s screen. It is highly recommended to repair Samsung screen because it is the best and cheaper option than any other way.