How to Monitor Employees with their Privacy in Mind


Since the Covid-19 Pandemic started a majority of the workplaces had to unwillingly shift to remote working i.e., work from home. The transition from the proper environment of work enthusiasm to the confined four walls was yet not that easy for the employees. According to a report, around 41% of the employees working from home developed the symptoms of Burnout, and following that some other clinical conditions such as Migraines, severe headaches, and many more.

Let us tell you in brief about the situation of Burnout.

Burnout is a psychological process resulting from chronic stress at the workplace. When the employees mix the stress of work along with the stress at home this becomes even more severe. The symptoms of Burnout a maybe –

  • Loss of Interest from work.
  • Excess Exhaustion.
  • Reduced Professionalism.
  • Loss Motivation.
  • Self-Perception of Failure.

Burnout has proven to reduce client efficiency and productivity. Thus, any stimulus that evokes burnout should and always be removed.

Now, coming back to the remote working employees. These employees who work from home are subjected to higher loss of productivity and efficiency. Thus, the employers too are under continuous stress of the less production and working of the company. Therefore, most employers have started using the Employee Monitoring Software to ensure that their clients are not having any sense of de-motivation and that the company is in safe hands.

However, with this, one thing which needs to be kept in the minds of all the employers is that the concept of them monitoring their employees is not at all incorrect as they have this full right for the company’s safety. But the employees should not be monitored at the cost of their privacy. That means an employer must and should be considerate about the privacy of its employees.

A good employer is one who is always understanding towards his/her team and is clear to its team upon what he/she exactly wants. Keeping stuff away from your employees would ultimately reduce their trust in you. Thus, even in the case of employee monitoring, one must be clear and open to his/her employees. This means that the employer should clearly communicate to the employees what he/she is going to do and what is going to be the result.

Tell your employees about what your actual intentions are and that you would be doing this for them only. Prepare your employees in advance so that, they might be successful in preserving their data too.

The employees are the ultimate source of running a company. The best way of keeping them satisfied is with regular appraisals which can be streamlined with the help of a performance appraisal software alongside the recreational activities for keeping their mind free. If they do not trust you or they do not feel safe and comfortable with you then the chances of a company running smoothly reduces. The only goal of an employer should be the ability to keep their employees happy and comfortable even in the home environment.

Do not make them feel that you are spying upon them and are suspicious of them. In order to gain back that respect and trust that you want firstly, you need to give that to them too.