Is SEO Worth the Expense?  


Understanding the labor-intensive nature of search engine optimization (SEO) work, those considering it for the first time need not be surprised (shocked) at the cost.Those small businesses who implement SEO strategies tend to return for more due to the success they bring, in spite of the initial surprise at the cost.

SEO is all about helping customers who are looking for your business find it.  Leveraging the genius of internet search engines, SEO brings customers to your website who otherwise might not even know you exist.  SEO moves websites from obscurity to popularity based on carefully chosen keywords.

Moving a company’s website toward Google’s page 1 takes time and effort.  That effort does not go unrewarded.  It is well-known that websites appearing on page 1 in the search engine result pages will have more clicks and visitors than website that cannot be found.  Clicks and visitors should translate into increased sales if the website is well-designed, compelling, easy to navigate, and attractive.

All that effort comes at a cost.  Only you can decide if the cost is worth it.  If your business is the kind of business that has low-volume, high-value transactions with your customers, chances are a single new customer will cover your SEO costs for the month.  Can SEO bring you one additional sales transaction per month?  Maybe; probably.  There is no one-size-fits-all answer to that question.   But in many cases, the first sale covers the SEO and all subsequent sales are profit.

If your business thrives on high-volume, low-cost transactions, SEO can still benefit your bottom line.  There is no time when being on Google’s page 1 is not a good thing.  There are endless studies demonstrating that people tend to go to websites on page 1 more often than any other page in the search engine results.  How would your business change if people searching for what you offer could find you on the first page?

SEO techniques required specialized skills and most small businesses do not have staff who can do it.  Landau Consulting, a New Jersey SEO company can help your small businesses increase its online marketing in NJ and everywhere else.  

Read this infographic to learn more about how SEO costs are outweighed by their benefits.