Select The Right Type Of Toner Cartridges


Usually, you will find laser toner cartridges costlier as compared to any inkjet toner cartridges. However, they can offer you fantastic print results. They can offer you a yield of 4000 pages together having coverage of 5%. Usually, 4 toners are used in your laser printers of different colors, which are as follows:

  • Black
  • Cyan
  • Magenta
  • Yellow

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Its most important feature is that even if one toner is exhausted, the other 3 may continue printing, ensuring that no toner is wasted.

If a certain toner cartridge appears to be running out, simply open the printer, remove the cartridge, shake it thoroughly, and replace it in its original location, it will produce hundreds of replicas for you. Because the toner can settle in the capsule, which can then be used after shaking, it allows cartridges to last longer.

Some of the most important factors that have contributed to its popularity are the high quality, low cost, and quick delivery. These were formerly prohibitively expensive, but they are now within reach. The initial cost of a laser printer is substantially more than that of an inkjet printer.

You have got following 4 choices for toner cartridges:

1.   OEM toner cartridges

The original manufacturing company manufactures these cartridges and the following are the pros and cons:


  • Manufactured particularly for your device
  • Reliable
  • Can offer high-quality output
  • Extremely low failure rates.


  • More expensive

2.   New compatible cartridges

Some third-party manufacturer makes them by using various new compatible parts.


  • Less expensive as compared to OEM cartridges
  • Can work in multiple printer brands


  • Due to the availability of many compatible cartridges you need to be careful
  • Often no warranty available.

3.   Remanufactured cartridges

Many manufacturers recycle old cartridges and refurbish them.


  • Offer good value for your money
  • Costs less than new compatible
  • Can offer higher yield than even OEM cartridges
  • Warranty or guarantee available
  • An environmentally friendly choice.


  • If the chip was not replaced, then its “low-toner” warnings can be unreliable.
  • The quality can vary greatly.

4.   Refilled cartridges

These cartridges are one of the cheapest options.


  • Very low cost


  • They are rarely a good one.
  • They often fail
  • They also can leak
  • May cause damage to your printer.

Many businesses have many printers and copiers in their offices and purchase a variety of cartridges. As an example, a marketing department must print high-quality documents on a regular basis, thus using OEM cartridges may be worth the money for them. They are the most dependable and offer the best results.

Your accounting department publishes many documents, but most of them do not need to be always “client-ready.” In this case, remanufactured cartridges can be a good option. Because shared office multifunction printers print in high volume and require improved quality, new compatible cartridges may save money while handling more volume.