Tips for Driving Traffic to Clickbank Products


One of the keys to the success of any business and affiliate marketing is traffic. But it must be traffic that is interested in what we offer, that is, segmented traffic. It’s no use sending traffic on golf to a blog that talks about losing weight.

One of the most critical tasks is how we carry traffic to the Clickbank product that we have chosen to obtain sales, and thus, achieve our commissions. The other and equally important task is how to make money using Clickbank, and how we persuade people to buy the product we promote. 

Here are tips to attract quality traffic to Clickbank. They are as follows:

Mask Your Affiliate Link with Your Website URL:

First, the Clickbank affiliate link looks like a spam link; many people will agree with this statement. But, even with masking this link with standard URL shortening services like or Google, it still seems suspicious. The best way to hide your affiliate link is to use the URL of your website.

Money pouring out from a notebook computer

Recommend Your Link in A Friendly Way:

When you recommend your affiliate link to your readers, you should do it in a friendly way so that people agree to follow it. You should not force them to click on them, or that is just an ad. When you recommend in a friendly way, appeal to the emotions of your audience, and they will respond more quickly.

It’s Not Just Placing A Banner and Not Mentioning It:

Many affiliates have a lousy method of promoting their affiliate links. They usually encourage their link through a banner that they place on their blog or website and expect people to click on the banner.


People do not usually pay too much attention to the banner unless they are marked. Therefore, do not just put the link in your blog or website and wait for people to click on it. Instead, you should promote this link as often as possible so that people are aware of it.

Make the Content Not to Differ from The Product:

No matter how good the product you promote through your affiliate link is, your visitors will not click on it if the content of your blog or website differs entirely from what you are offering. For example, you have been talking about how to lose weight through a vegetarian diet, but in reality, your product talks about how to make money with surveys, and so they have no relationship