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By the name itself, every user could understand the main task of the crescent cash app. That is the sending coins for any other cash accounts. The crescent cash app can be identified with much more multiple features. The process here is simpler. And the users expect for some other features while users of this type of app.

That is trust. Especially the crescent cash apk is using for sending coins. Actually, that is a matter of money. Therefore, while sending such things the app has to be from a trusted person. The crescent app has offered a specific app for every user. The latest version of the crescent cash has fixed all bugs here. So that the latest version is 1.13.9. And it is about a 10 MB sized app. Analyze the all specific features here in this app and start to use it. You would explore many more features out of there.


Features of the crescent cash android

  • Simple and secured
    The procedure of the whole app is simple. It can be identified very easily. As previously mentioned in the description it is from a trusted source. Therefore, you don’t want to be afraid of the usage of the app. The crescent cash already joined with the bitcoin wallets that already have. Most of the people engaged with the crescent cash due to the traditional features here.
  • Username and the bitcoin cash address
    The above both of them are the necessary things to send bitcoin from one place to another place. Along with the presence of both items, the coins can be sent to anywhere in the world. No more other details required for the service of the crescent cash.
  • Requirements for use
    In order to unitize the crescent cash android each and every user required a device along with the android version 6.0 and upwards. If those users haven’t such a device, the app cannot be used.
  • Popularity
    Due to all features present in here, over 1000 individuals have joined with the crescent cash android. In the future, there would be more than the community will remain around the crescent cash app.
  • Privacy protective
    Apart from safety, many users are looking to protect their privacy details. It is a fact that I have to consider most of the time. You don’t want to worry because the crescent cash is always a privacy-protective app.
  • Required permissions
    There are more permissions required for the usage of the crescent cash. You have to allow for the network access settings here. There is more data included in the shared storage. That has to be allowed for the reader.The users have to allow control of the vibration. Also have to allow for the recording videos and capturing images from your camera.
  • Free and in-app purchases
    The crescent cash android is free to use. Here there are many features that can be used for free.But apart from the free features there are much more here to gain by paying for the app.

Recent updates to app have added following improvements.

  • Minor improvements can be seen
  • The existed bugs have fixed

Make sure to download latest version from AC Market. The crescent cash is a safe app for sending cash into another one. If you have used it for once, definitely you know the service of the app is grateful. If you haven’t used it yet, try to today onwards. It is better sharing your idea with each other.