Effects of Excessive Gambling


In Hong Kong, gambling is restricted; the Hong Kong Jockey Club (HKJC) is the only authorized gambling establishment to carry all types of gambling. This is a preventive step by the government to mitigate the ill effects of gambling on its citizen. But the iron hand could not stop the spreading of grey speculation activities in the land; HK$12 billion per annum is accrued by authorized operators in Hong Kong. These establishments include offshore operators excluding Macau, online operators inside and outside of Hong Kong. Illegal gambling harms the economy and society of the country.

Middle-aged men are more prone

Empirical research reveals illegal gamblers are mostly middle-aged men with problem gambling. Problem gambling or gambling addiction shows its apex effect on middle age. Illegal gamblers in Hong Kong are often middle-aged men with the blue-collar job. The issue of problem gambling is a peek at middle age and then gradually decreases. The majority of unlawful and excessive gambling ill effects fall upon middle-aged males and their families. But there is some unsure evidence of academic research people under the age of eighteen are venerable to illegal and excessive gambling. However, you can get results of all legitimate looters and sports betting on the HK 2021 spending data website.

Illegal gamblers spend more

Illegal gamblers spend more on horse racing, other sports betting, and casino games than legal gamblers. Football betting is the most popular among illegal and legal bettors. Across all products, illegal gamblers spend more than their lawful counterparts; basketball follows football in illegitimate betting. In absolute terms, legal bettors bet more than twice in casino games than legal gamblers, but the difference is more pronounced in sports betting. The unlawful gamblers bet more than four times on sports events than authorized ones.

Excessive gamblers transverse the boundary

Illegal gamblers are more tend to be addictive or compulsive bettors than legal gamblers. 56% of the illegal gamblers sampled are excessive gamblers, while 15% of legal gamblers fall under the same category. This study conducted by Oxford Economics shows a close relationship between illegal gamblers and problem gambling. International research also exhibits excessive gamblers mostly transverse the legal boundary to fulfill their compulsive behavior of gambling. Hong Kong illegal gamblers share the same characteristic, avid interest in gambling, high frequency, and excitement force them to cross the legal boundary.

It would be an overstatement to state illegal gambling causes problem gambling. Most excessive gamblers do not indulge in illegal gambling; it is more likely a portion of excessive gamblers indulges in illegal gambling due to their fervent interest in betting. Lack of restrains in the environment of prohibited gambling amplifies their problems.

The high percentage of excessive bettors in the segment of illegal gamblers suggests problem gamblers are more susceptible to social, financial, and legal issues. Problem gamblers are disproportionately troubled by a spectrum of social ills such as depression, anxiety, suicide, relationship problem, substance abuse, employment, and financial problems. Though it is difficult to establish a connection between excessive gambling and social ills, it occurs randomly. But legitimate gamblers can preview the results of lottery and sports betting on the (data pengeluaran HK 2021) website.