Here’s EverythingParents Need to Know About the Dark Web



The internet has brought us closer to each other in so many untold ways. Both kids are adults are addicted to the world of the internet. In fact, according to statistics, it has been found that kids are using electronic devices to access the internet more than most adults. 

It’s a well-known fact that just like everything else, the internet has also two sides: one good and the other bad. The world of the internet can be both alluring and dangerous for users, especially young kids and teens. 

Parents may enable the privacy settings on their kids’ digital devices and online platforms that they use and may alsoinstall the iPhone and Android spy apps on their devices to keep them safe but the truth is kids will still remain exposed to online dangers while they access the internet. 

According to statistics reported on the Internet Matters blog, it was found that users can only search 4% of online content that is public; this is considered to be the Surface Web. Approximately, 90% represent the Deep Web whereas 6% represents the Dark Web. 

For your better understanding, we will let you know what is the difference between deep web and dark web, how they can pose threats for your kids and how you can protect your kids from them. 

What is the Deep Web?

Deep Web is that portion of the World Wide Web that remains hidden from the public view. The content on the deep web is not indexed by the regular search engines. This part of the World Wide Web consists of databases that can be made up ofwebmail and online banking. Government archives or a company’s internal communication system are also included. 

Deep web is neither too dark nor dangerous. You just cannot access it through your public browser. 

What is the Dark Web?

The Dark Web is said to be the evil twin of the World Wide Web. The dark web consists of that part of the World Wide Web that can only be accessed through special software. TOR (The Onion Router) is the most commonly used software to access the Dark Web.

The Surface Web is the public internet that can be accessed through standard web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc. The Dark Web exists under the surface web which is considered the proverbial tip of the iceberg as it only accounts for 4% of the total internet. The rest of the iceberg is hidden and that is the Deep Web. 

Who Uses the Dark Web?

By using the Dark Web, users can anonymously exploit the secret system of servers and engage in dangerous or criminal activity. Usually, users access the Dark Web to perform illegal and criminal activities as listed below: 

  • Drug trafficking 
  • Obtaining illegal drugs, weapons, and ammunition 
  • Hiring hitmen
  • Booking a child sex holiday 
  • Trading in the black market
  • Accessing dubious content 
  • Concealing the real identity

How the Dark Web Can Be Accessed?

Like we said earlier, the Dark Web can only be accessed through special software like TOR. It is really easy to access the Dark Web with the help of TOR. All you need to do is download this free browser and start accessing the Dark Web. 

TOR works by adding several layers of encryption onto your website traffic as it bounces around their network and then slowly peels those layers off, one by one, so by the time your internet activity has reached the website you’re opening, no one could possibly detect your identity. This is why the term ‘onion’ routing is used for the TOR browser. 

Can Kids Access the Dark Web?

Generally speaking, the Dark Web is not that appealing for most kids. The reason is, there are no social media and gaming platforms on the Dark Web. There are no such online platforms where kids can communicate with their friends or play games with them. 

However, the Dark Web does have the power to attract older children, especially teens. They can create fake IDs on the Dark Web for underage drinking or dealing with drug dealers. Also, they can find loads of pornographic and sexually explicit material on the Dark Web which they may not find otherwise on the Surface Web. 

While the Dark Web may seem alluring to most kids, let’s not forget how harmful it can be for their overall wellbeing. No parent should ever allow their kids to access the Dark Web. 

How to Protect Your Kids from the Dark Web?

As a parent, it is your responsibility to provide a safe internet experience to your kids. When you allow your kids to access the internet through their electronic devices, make sure you have installed iPhone or Android spy software on them to monitor their online activity. 

Your kids can only enter the world of the Dark Web through the TOR browser so make sure they have not installed this app/software on their devices. Even if your kid attempts to download it, make sure to delete it right away and explain to your kid why you have done so. 

With the help of parental controls and monitoring apps, you can restrict your kid from using the TOR browser as you have the option of blocking unwanted apps and sites on your kid’s device. TOR is a dangerous app for your kids so you need to make your kids stay away from it at all costs.