How to Maximize Laser Production with a Laser Cutter


One of the best things about using a laser engraving or cutting system is how fast it can cut out a pattern or etch in a design. While this is true, most laser operators are searching for ways to improve their productivity. For those who are not running the laser as efficiently as possible, there are some tips they can use to correct this issue.

When it comes to laser cutting, the first step is to find the right cutting machine. One option for finding a quality option is by looking at boss lasers youtube channel. Once the right machine is found, it is a good idea to use the tips below to ensure optimum productivity levels.

Consider Center Engraving

Using center engraving to help set up custom projects on something like an award, phone, or virtually anything else can be helpful. With center engraving, it is possible to work with items of different sizes without the necessity of creating a custom template for everyone. With this feature, it is possible to move the laser manually to the middle of the item being engraved. The center point should then be set as the home position and the laser will go to that point to start the graphic. When compared to setting up a custom jig or file, this is a method that will help a user save quite a bit of time.

Pre-Engrave the Items

When it comes to a laser engraver, one of the top features is being able to customize a wide array of items. As a result, it is a good business opportunity for many people. However, having to deal with one-off jobs is something that is quite inefficient.

Having to load up the same design time and time again to engrave something more than one time can consume quite a bit of a person’s production time. It is a good idea to pre-engrave anything that is bought often. Be sure these items are ready to go before the orders come in. It is possible to pre-engrave all the primary graphics on the item and then add the custom phrase when an order is placed. This type of small step is going to save a lot of time when a printing job comes in.

Consider Color Mapping

It is possible to use color mapping to help save time, too. For example, if someone is dealing with a design that has three different columns, with each one having 20 names, then the laser is going to view it as a single image. This is not efficient. With color mapping, this issue can be minimized and quite a bit of time can be saved.

When it comes to using a laser cutter, it is a good idea to consider the factors here. This is going to help ensure the desired results are achieved. Being informed is the best way to ensure that a laser cutter operator is as productive as possible and that they can get as much done as they can.