Installation of a Keylogger on Your Computer


If you want to install a keylogger on the computer then you are at the correct place. The important thing is that it is not hard. There are many reasons why you need to put the keylogger on somebody else’s computer. You should know what a keylogger is. The keylogger records the key struck on the computer mostly in a stealthy fashion so that the user is not able to recognize that all the actions are under surveillance. There are many keyloggers available in the market. The keylogger consists of either software or hardware. These are also used for some illicit purposes like for stealing any confidential information but the programs are legal and can be used for legal purposes.

Employers use the keylogger for ensuring that their workers are not misusing the privileges of computer, law enforcement uses it to analyze and track incidents which are connected to personal computer usage, and parents use keylogger for supervising their child. Moreover, it is also used for researching human interaction with the computer. So, you should know how to set up a keylogger.

How to install a keylogger on a PC?

  • PC tattletale is a keylogger which is very easy to put on the PC. There are various links available and you can download the app and install it.
  • Just like other software, PC tattletale will also get installed. The important thing which you should know is that you must be signed in the Windows PC as the admin user. When it is put on the PC, then all the users can be recorded.
  • The downloading of the keylogger starts. Click on the Save button in the Microsoft Edge browser. When the file gets saved then you will have to run it.
  • Click on the run button for installing the PC tattletale keylogger. You will get to know that it’s not that hard to do. Another thing which you have to agree on is the license agreement.
  • Press on Next and finish the installation.
  • When you will click on Finish, then the PC tattletale will start.

You must know how to install a keylogger on someone’s computer. For starting it, you will have to sign it into your PC tattletale account. It uses your email and your password for making your account secure. To see the keylogger data, this can be used. By this, you successfully put the keylogger on the windows PC. With the keylogger, you will be able to see all of their actions. You can see another mobile device or computer to check everything they are doing.

You may be very concerned or worried about the kids and you may want to know whom they are talking with. You will definitely want to know about the hidden social media accounts and profiles. For the kids, the internet can be a dangerous place as the kids are spending most of their time on the internet. So you can install a keylogger and even you can get a keylogger for Facebook.