Is it Worth Investing in the Huawei Mate Book X Pro 2019?


The matebook x pro 2019 from Huawei is a decent and functional laptop designed to outperform its predecessor. However, is it worth making the upgrade? Let us delve into the Huawei laptop briefly.

What benefits it has to offer

  • The latest parts
  • Enhanced battery life

What drawbacks it entails

  • Minimum performance gains
  • Huge prices for the same performance
  • A clever webcam

The Huawei laptop is powerful indeed. It has been a thin, portable, light, and versatile option as its predecessor. However, the latest model is better by such a small margin. There is hardly any reason to purchase it. If you do not own the original, you would be looking to upgrade the laptop from aging and considerably less impressive option.


The successor to the MateBook X Pro has been similar to its predecessor on the outside. However, a huge difference between the previous model and the latest model would be the latter lacking the logo – chrome lotus flower. The keyboard and touchpad offer stronger feedback along with a wider tracking space. The key travel has been relatively thin for the latest version. However, the tracking surface of the touchpad would be smooth and accurate.

Display and audio

The MateBook X Pro makes use of a similar super-sharp screen providing superb colors and maximum brightness. You may come across several competitors providing brighter panels. However, the matte display option for offsetting the glare would be worth the money spent.

The gorgeous display has been vibrant color. However, it has been designed keeping in mind productivity than entertainment. You would get more content vertically. It would be a boon for all digital professionals. However, it would make the videos and photos appear relatively smaller than they are.

Battery life

For longevity, the MateBook X Pro has been decently consistent with its predecessor. While the laptop achieved a considerably shorter lasting time when tested for battery life as compared to its predecessor, the 2019 version has successfully managed a relatively better time in their video playback test.

Software and features

What most people have been praising about Huawei laptops from the beginning has been the complete lack of pre-installed software by third parties. You would not come across any free trials for antivirus applications. Rather, the laptop comprises a single application not pre-loaded Windows 10 into Huawei PC Manager.

The hardware feature to mention has been the fingerprint reader integrated into the power button of the laptop. It has been significantly quick and convenient to log in using biometrics through Windows Hello. The previous implementation of the Huawei technology has been quick and precise to log into the MateBook X Pro through fingerprint.

The bottom line

If you were interested in the Huawei MateBook X Pro, as it was the best laptop in the year 2018, you would enjoy the latest model. However, it would be important for you to save some money by investing in the latest version for almost the same features and functionality.