Prevent Bandwidth Throttling with VPN


You are not the only person who is not aware of the concept of bandwidth throttling. However, it is essential to know about it for the speed of your connectivity depends a lot on the particular factor. Then internet service providers provide limitations to your bandwidth. The process is effective in lowering the speed of online activities. The ISPs should improve the quality of service to avoid network congestion. Instead of doing the needful, the service providers try to fit in more than the maximum number of users within the limited bandwidth, thus slowing down the entire process.

Hide your activities

VPN provides you the freedom to use maximum bandwidth without letting know the service provider. VPN is responsible for the encryption of the entire data traffic from your IP address. So there is no way for the ISP to trace whether you are downloading large files or streaming TV shows continuously. If the company is not aware of your use, they won’t be able to throttle the bandwidth either. You can additionally bypass filters like firewalls that restrict viewers from viewing certain contents. You don’t have to think any more about the compliance issues.

Download movies without hassle

Downloading media files can take a long time if you are not using a VPN. Also, if you like torrenting, then you must be knowing that surfing can be dangerous. Unless you use the VPN, it can endanger your privacy online. The explains how a stranger can know about your city and zip code if you are torrenting without te shield of VPN on. The virtual network will save you from any unnecessary legal issues that sometimes arise owing to compliance issues. It is not necessary to subscribe immediately. If you want, you can avail of the trial version for free, which has a duration of one month.