Is there a way to access BBC iPlayer in any country? How do you do it?


BBC iPlayer is by far one of the best streaming services in the world! And sadly, it’s only accessible within the UK and its territories. However! What if I told you, that after going through this guide, you’ll be able to access it from any country around the world? A VPN is the best way to access it!

Why can’t we access BBC iPlayer?

The thing is, BBC iPlayer, among many other streaming services are restricted to only the people in the UK and its territories. The service is extremely strict about who accesses it from other countries around the world. It even goes as far as to detect and block the access of its service by VPNs and proxies.

So, is there a way to access BBC iPlayer from abroad?

Yes, there is, and as mentioned above, a VPN is the best way to access it. However, it’s not so easy considering that you can’t just use any provider. Not all VPN services are reliable, therefore you need to be careful while choosing one.

Before showing you how to choose a VPN to access BBC iPlayer, let’s first dive into a short tutorial. Here’s how you access it:

  • First, subscribe to the best VPN service. In case you’re on a budget, there are many affordable VPN services available that are the absolute best right now.
  • Once you’ve subscribed and created your account, download and install the app on a supported device.
  • Launch the app, and sign into your account.
  • Connect to the best UK server.
  • To check if you’re IP address is replaced with a UK one, you can check it on
  • Clear your cookies and cache from your browser
  • Open up BBC iPlayer and start streaming!

How to choose a VPN that works with BBC iPlayer

You can’t just use any VPN service with BBC iPlayer. So, below I’ll be highlighting a few important factors that show you how to choose the most reliable VPN for it. Here’s what you look for:

  • Server coverage: Since BBC iPlayer is aired only within the UK and its territories, the VPN you choose is going to need to offer multiple UK servers.
  • Security features: Look for a VPN with sound security features and military-grade encryption. Other necessary features include Split-Tunneling, a Kill Switch, Ad-blocker etc.
  • Fast speeds and bandwidth: The service has to be able to deliver fast speeds. Speeds and unlimited bandwidth are extremely important where streaming is concerned.
  • Privacy and no-logging policies: make sure that the VPN you choose follows a strict no-logging policy and has proof that you can look into.
  • Multiple devices: choose a VPN that allows more than one device connection and supports multiple BBC iPlayer supported devices.
  • Free trial and refund policies: How will you know if the VPN works unless you try it out? Make sure to choose a VPN that offers you a free trial to test the features and performance. A refund policy is an added perk!

To conclude

BBC iPlayer is a tough nut to crack, but it doesn’t mean it’s impossible to access the service, and only the best VPN can help you access it.