The Value of a Clear Voice in the Automotive Sector


Only when clients purchase vehicles can a car lot remain open. Giving someone the keys to a brand-new automobile is the pinnacle of achievement. Therefore, contact with prospective clients must be given top priority by every car dealer. However, just like many other companies, you could need help keeping track of sales or replying to clients right away.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) calls are becoming increasingly common, showing how the telecoms industry has developed. You may use this technology to communicate through voice calls and text messages via the internet rather than a traditional phone. Calls may come in at any moment and come from anywhere.

The main challenge is that different VoIP providers, including VoIP for auto dealerships, must address the unique needs of their customers. Fortunately, one company is actively thinking about using novel techniques. DealerPhones, which are VoIP phones from Clarity Voice made exclusively for car dealerships, may be used to contact us.

The Benefits of DealerPhones

Our DealerPhones stand apart in a number of ways. We understand the need to learn about and put sales-boosting strategies into practice, and our services may be able to assist you in doing so.

Observation Service via Phone

Clearly, you have emphasized the importance of having excellent customer service abilities for your staff. How do you thus know how they are doing? Our cutting-edge call monitoring technology allows you to not only listen in on ongoing conversations but also use the Whisper function to give operators immediate instructions. Although they can hear you, the person on the other end of the line is unable to understand what you are saying.

However, if you need to be somewhere quickly, you may always use the Join option to prevent your staff member from looking for you. We also provide call monitoring, which enables you to monitor all daily contacts and choose the ones that are most beneficial to your company.

Improved Sound Quality

Your dealership is, without a doubt, a swarm of activity. People are constantly walking past, talking on their phones, or tinkering with their automobiles. Such background noise may interfere with certain phone conversations. Our HD Voice technology lets you and the client concentrate on the current topic by removing background noise.

Anywhere You Want to Go!

Even if you are not at work, a client could need your prompt help. It is unfair to have them wait until the next day to hear from you. Any country may utilize a DealerPhone. Additionally, users may access the cloud-based contact center services anytime they need them so long as they have an internet connection.

Clarity Voice Could Help You Set Growth Priorities

Even though we could wax lyrical about how great our services are, we are more concerned with how they will help you. Building a system from the ground up is a worthwhile use of time and money, but only if it improves things. This distinguishes Clarity Voice from its rivals.

A wide range of one-of-a-kind things that may be tailored to your company’s unique needs is available to complement our services. We provide a wide range of phones and phone accessories, such as conference call sets, cordless phones, and mobile phones.

Make sure your business can manage busy signals or misunderstandings. You should get a VoIP system that meets your needs. Call us right now to find out more about the many supplementary services we provide to businesses just like yours. Trust the Clarity Voice staff.