Keep Your Photos Safe With These Easy Hints And Tips


Photos hold many keys to the past, especially when there are loved ones or places which are no longer with us. Having such valuable keepsakes requires great care to keep safe, but it doesn’t have to be a chore to keep hold of your favourite photos from your collection.

There are many ways of keeping your personal images safe, most of which are free or reasonably priced. Meaning keeping your photos is easy and affordable.

We’ve picked out our top three tips for you to start thinking about how to keep your images safe, and how to keep your valued memories part of your life for always.


If you are one who very easily loses things then keeping a duplicate, or a copy, of the original image file is an absolute must. There are many different gadgets you can use such as standard removable storage devices like SD cards and sticks. But if you need more storage, an external hard drive is a great investment for bulk storage. Most devices can hold a substantial amount of content, but if you quite literally have hundreds of photos and other documents that you want to keep hold of, an external device may be just what you need.

Prices of course vary depending on the branding and size of the storage space you buy, but this is much more of a long term investment, rather than an impulse buy which willl get used once and that’s it.

Separation Is Key

Human error isn’t the only issue concerned when it comes to losing important image files. Everyday incidents such as fire or theft can also result in the loss of sentimental pictures or files, making important to keep your files in a separate location. Holding duplicates, as we just mentioned, is highly beneficial, but keeping them in a separate location makes them even more secure.

A great way of keeping the duplicates safe is by storing them on a Photo stick and then securing that stick in to a personal safe or in a secret hideaway out of the way. This sounds very cloak and dagger, but for images that cannot be replaced, this may very well be one of the most important actions you take.

Get Some Printed

Many people still prefer the old fashioned method of having photos printed to be out on display. Value is often judged differently between individuals, so having some images on display may not always be risky. Invaluable family photos can make a house a home so as long as your original image files are backed up somewhere safe, why not have some of your favourite files printed?

Having real life images framed around your home can easily be sorted at home. Just by plugging in a Foto stick in to your PC or laptop, it takes a matter of moments to find, select and print some amazing memories which will brighten up your interior decor.