Modern Day Radio: It’s Rise to Popularity and Various Functions


Radio has been one of the oldest means of mass communication. It is considered to be the most inexpensive medium of mass communication. From a big setup to a handy setup, the radio has traveled a long way. From a medium to disseminate information to now an entertainment source, radio has undergone various changes. But one thing that stays common is its popularity among the people. People still buy radio through various sources, options like Radio mit Spotify kaufen are made available to the people.

Radio’s Rise to Popularity

The radio has always been popular among people. But with the advent of television and digital media, the radio struggled a bit to survive at first but eventually with certain changes made, the radio still stands as a popular medium of mass communication.

A major driving force behind radio’s popularity is its accessibility to all. Also known as the illiterate’s medium, radio can be understood by every section of the society. Its low cost and long service make it affordable for even the poorest of classes. And with the technological advancements, as radio has become available even in mobile sets, its listener-ship continues to rise.

People Internetradiokaufen nowadays which can be accessed from anywhere using the internet. The programs aired on the radio also changed according to the time and taste of people thereby leading to its popularity.

Functions of Modern Radio

Earlier radio was used just to give information or news to the public. But as time progressed and the era of privatization arrived, there was diversification in the functions and objectives of radio.

1.      Inform:

The first and foremost function of radio has always been and will always be to inform the people about the happenings around the world. The radio continues to disseminate important pieces of information to the public and spread awareness on relevant topics.

2.      Entertain:

The new function of the radio is to entertain the public. With witty shows, interactive RJs, music programs and special talk shows, the radio entertains its audience in every possible manner.

3.      A Platform for Fresh Ideas:

Radio acts as a platform for the general public to express themselves and their ideas. Radio stands as a promoter of new talents and new thoughts. Therefore, it gives an equal platform to all for expressing themselves.

Radio has undoubtedly won the race of time. It has been there as a medium of communication since time immemorial. It is likely to stay evergreen in the field of communication. With innovations like WLAN Radio kaufen, digital radio, FM transmission, and the variety of programs changing according to the taste of people, radio has a long life to live.