Road Traffic Stops In Urban Safety


Road safety lies in avoiding traffic accidents or reducing their effects, mainly for people’s lives and health. It also refers to the technologies used to prevent accidents in any means of land movement. (Bicycle, car, truck, motorcycle, and on foot).

Traffic signs warn, guide, and inform the driver about different conditions that may be on the road. They are classified into: preventive, restrictive, and informative verticals, which prevent dangers, restrict actions, and inform about places and services; and horizontal, which in the same way inform and guide the driver, but are attached to the pavement. Knowing them is very useful to protect the safety of the driver and traffic.

The speed bumps Unimat are a uniform and consistent solution to prevent undesirable events in parking.

Vials Uses Of Stops For Parking

  • They are made to slow down and protect vehicles from potential hazards when driving or parking.
  • Prevent vehicles from exceeding the limit in a parking space
  • In public parking lots, they are used there to delimit spaces and so that the car is not parked in the wrong place.
  • They make it easier for us to park and prevent us from hitting the car.
  • Effectively guide cars when parking.
  • To prevent vehicles from exceeding the limit in a parking space.
  • Prevent the driver, either due to an oversight or only due to his lack of driving skills, from hitting a wall or a wall during the parking maneuver.
  • When we parked near a wall, we need to ensure if you have stopped for parking, which will prevent racemose defense against the wall Backtracking, if you do not have these security measures, we must ensure that distance the wall is found.
  • Define spaces with stops for parking remain well-defined rights to use space for cars
  • Maintain an order visible to all

Avoid displeasure with neighbors for vehicular spaces, since no one likes them to invade their parking space or that for the simple fact of parking badly, they no longer allow the space of another vehicle, especially if the space is tiny.

In the same way, some people do not respect the spatial limits in residential areas, there are also those in parking s public spaces, offices and supermarkets account for two places or double – parking, not to mention again that in the absence of ceilings for Parking lots can also hit vehicles parked on a nearby perimeter.