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To outsource it to Application Development Company or keep it In-house?


Almost over 30 years have gone by since the advent of mobile applications. These applications have evolved through huge modifications. And yet, when we think that they have gone stagnant, they show us their novel faces. Now we do not just have mobile applications but web applications too. And furthermore, we have this PWA or Progressive Web Apps that we anticipate is going to reign the bridle of the future. At this stage this question surfaces upon many minds – “If to outsource the app development to an application development company or keep it in-house?” You have that no.1 seo services in Sydney to take care of your SERP dreams, but what about the applications?

This question is not for those who look at things with short glimpses and then forget. Applications are going to be the face of the future and they’ll evolve further. In this case, it becomes necessary to decide about it. Thus, here we put before you the pros and cons of both!

In-house vs outsourcing to an Application Development Company!

Deciding whether to outsource application development to an Application Development Company or to keep it in-house depends on several factors. Once you work upon these factors you’ll get an idea of where to put a step upon these bewildering lawns. So, what are these factors?

  • The size of your company or industry!
  • The scope of application development!
  • Budget!
  • Experience of the company to which project will be outsourced.
  • Liability factor!

Once you work upon these few factors, you’ll get some clarity upon these mists. We’ll now share the pros and cons of doing both!

When to keep an application development in-house?

Not all companies outsource application development. Considering that mobiles are going to be the next human organ, it should not feel very surprising to keep a team to take care of it. Many giant jugglers in the business world keep the application development team in-house. It has several benefits –

Pros of In-house app development!

  • When the size of business grows, its needs grow too. Keeping an in-house team for IT and technology related things becomes the need. Because the business is big, the dynamics will be big too. There might come several technology related needs that become costly when you outsource.
  • Furthermore, keeping an in-house team helps in transferring business values over to them gracefully. They think about business and lead the team for the sake of helping the business grow.
  • You do not pay more to align the team with a new project apt of meeting the new technological milestones.

Cons of In-house development!

  • If the size of business is small, keeping an in-house team can really bring weight upon your financial vault. You’ll have to pay them hefty sums even when the business does not have much demands for the time being. It is always good to outsource an application development to the application development company in the beginning. There will be training costs, licensing costs, human recruitment costs, etc. Just as some novel business needs to hire the no.1 seo services in Sydney at the starting of business, someone needs to hire a developer too.
  • The team might fall lazy because they have a fixed payment to get irrespective of what they do or not. Unlike in-house, the service provider stays motivated in giving the best value possible because it is about the business now. To tackle this, one needs to bring incentives, trust, friendly environment, and creativity into the scenario.

When to outsource the app development?

Unlike in-house, outsourcing the app development to an application development company comes with many benefits.

Pros of outsourcing the app dev!

  • Because the market is so dynamic, it takes a team of experts to stay updated to all the changes happening around. Keeping a big in-house team can really become costly if the company is novel into the field. A technological company who outsources the application development generally keeps a big team under one roof that stays updated to all the changes happening around. This takes away the risk factor and provides the updated changes with no extra costs.
  • It saves a lot of cost that gets invested in keeping an in-house team ready. One can save that cost and invest again in outsourcing further application development and changes.
  • Because the outsourcing company keeps experts under the roof who stay updated to the technological environment, they can warn you against upcoming risks and tell you about the upcoming opportunities.
  • You get a quick response time. In-house team can go really lazy in developing applications for the company. This costs further to the company. On the other hand, an outsourcing company stays motivated towards its clients and try giving them results much quicker than the in-house team. This serves an opportunity to get ahead of competitors by a big margin.

Cons of outsourcing the app development!

  • The outsourcing company might not relate much to the values of the company and thus they might not bring the app to a margin as an in-house team could have had. This problem can be tackled by making a list of objectives and values and then communicating them clearly with the outsourcing company.
  • There might be revision costs that many application development companies charge. You must clear all these things before you decide to give them the charge for the app development.

What to choose between in-house and outsourcing?

The case really depends upon the factors that we have discussed above. If the size of a company is not big then it might not be effective for the company to keep an in-house team. The cost might go really high and the benefits might not be to the level. This can lead to the breakdown of the company.

If you are unsure whether application development will work or not, always outsource the project and see what the movements are. If it is working and your needs are growing further and further to a level where outsourcing is becoming costly, consider having an in-house team.

The time to come is going to be of those who will have supremacy in terms of creativity and technology. The internet will grow further and websites will become the new gateway for customers. This is why many are going for SEO services now. It has become the need – a requirement of its own sort. Consider having the No.1 seo services in Sydney or anywhere you live to boost the digital presence of your company. It will prove to be beneficial for your company in times to come. Have the vision for the long term.

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