Why Amazon Cloud is the King of All Clouds


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Technological wonder, this terminology does not surprise us anymore. Over the last decade or so, we have witnessed and experienced excess amount of technological wonders. It is from sending letters to sending emails, from going out to shop to staying home and shopping online, from going to a cinema to watch a movie to staying in our bed and watching anything of our choice on streaming services. A lot of things have started over internet now. We do not even need to go to a restaurant to eat due to apps of food delivery services. We can do almost everything over the internet, saving a lot of time.

We do not have to keep our data in our desktops anymore due to cloud services. There are drives available online we are saving our data on. These services have made our lives easier and it has not only favored us but all the organizations and businesses. They are using cloud services to do different processes and saving their data online. It makes them capture the market of clients due to the lesser time required for every process. Even in homes we are using application of cloud computing in form of home automation systems that are based on internet of things which tells us about how much cloud computing is involved in our lives now and in future.

What is Cloud?

Servers that we access over the internet for doing different thing are called cloud. These servers are located on the facility of cloud service provider who has all the infrastructure software and hardware. All the computing that takes place in those servers is called cloud computing. Cloud is the new big thing nowadays. This enables us to get our data from anywhere and from any device. You just need the log in credentials and you are in to do what you want. Only the service provider will have details of your working history.

What is Amazon Cloud?

Amazon web services (AWS) is Amazon’s cloud that offers reliable and flexible way of storing data and accessing it. It is a cost effective way of cloud computing. Amazon launched these services back in 2006. Amazon web services offers business solutions in wide range that includes databases, application development, unlimited storage and a lot more services and you pay for what you use.

Why Amazon Cloud is the Best

Amazon web services, is a cloud computing platform that offers variety of computing services. There are multiple cloud computing solutions available. Amazon web services, is a widely used cloud solution. Most of big companies are using it. There are reasons why Amazon web services, is the king of all cloud services, some of them are discussed below.

  • Pay As You Go

Being cost effective is the key when we talk about cloud computing services. Amazon web services offer us solutions with costs as low as it can be. Because you pay for the services you use and how long you use them for. Maintenance and repairing of servers is not your responsibility.

  • Easy to Use

Amazon cloud services are very easy to use and user friendly. A beginner would have no hard time using it. Everything is clear and console is very convenient as well.

  • Secure

It is the nature to humans to prefer things that are more secure. Organizations are being run by human that is the reason they choose a more secure way of cloud solutions than others. Amazon web services, is a secured platform which guarantees the security of your assets on the cloud. In AWS there are security services that identify security risks and resolve it. There is a tool for this, named Amazon Inspector. It checks user’s cloud services for security threats, identifies them tries to resolve them.

  • Reliability and Scalability

Auto scaling is one feature of Amazon web services that helps users in increasing efficiency. It scales itself up and down according to the need of users that reduces the cost as it uses the service for only the time it is needed for. Users can rely on AWS due to its scalability. Companies are arranging AWS solutions architect associate level certification training for their employees.

  • Flexible

In Amazon web services you are free to choose everything of your choice, You can choose any operating system you want, any programming language, any platform for application. You have your own virtual environment in AWS and you can create your own world using that environment.

  • Mobile Friendly Access

It enables you to access your services using a mobile service as well that make it a very convenient option for anyone. AWS mobile SDK and AWS mobile hub are two ways for that. Former one supports android, IOS, web etc. We can use services like Lambda, DynamoDB etc using them. In the later one lets you access some compatible features for applications. you can develop apps and test in it using its console.

  • Storage

In Amazon web services, user get to choose from different types of storages, Such as

Amazon Elastic Book Store: This is a storage that is based on block level that lets users use Elastic compute cloud (EC2) instances.

Amazon Glacier: This type of storage is mainly used for storing data for larger time. We use this for making data backups for or organizations.

Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3): This is a storage option where we store data using web interface.

Storage Transport Device: Amazon gives us a choice of devices to store data that is transportable. These devices can transfer huge amount of data and it costs very less than transferring it over the internet.

Amazon cloud (Amazon web services) is a part of cloud computing family that is extending day by day. People are getting trained in this area due to its vastness although the best way is to learn cloud computing online. Different AWS certifications and courses on QuickStart are available online. Big organizations are making their employees take training in this field because they know the importance of cloud computing now and in the future.