3 Ways to Share Files Online in 2020


Sharing files with people has become an easy task. There are many ways through which you can share them such as social media messengers, emails, mobile chats, etc. But these platforms can only be used for sharing small files as they have restrictions and rules. Hence, sharing big files through these platforms is challenging. This is true especially for big video or movie or game files that cannot be shared in any of these platforms. For such files, the popular torrent sites still working are used. These sites are free for both the person uploading and the person downloading these files. 

There are other ways in which you can share your files online

File Compression Software

When you want to share your files that are too big to share otherwise, you can choose a file compression software. The software allows the files to get compression which can then be shared with a link over an email. You can also encrypt the file for security purposes and share the password with the concerned person. The software is usually open-source, which means that you can download it for free. These files can only be accessed by those with whom you share the link.

Online Tools for Transferring Files

Many online portals enable a user to transfer heavy files online. These portals can be accessed through any device that makes it flexible for the user to download or upload the files easily. However, you need to have the internet for this purpose as they are online. You can directly send the files to the concerned person by inserting the email of the recipient. These portals also notify when the receiver has received and accessed the file. However, the access to the file through these portals are limited after which the files cannot be accessed. 

Open File Sharing Websites

Many people have movies or music or gaming files that they would like to share with a larger audience and not too restricted people. In such cases, there are torrent sites that allow users to upload heavy files. You can find different files in different sizes that you can choose to download from. Since it is open-source, anyone can download the files by clicking on the link provided on these websites. It is also very easy to download or upload files, but the speed of the internet needs to be high to ensure that the downloading and uploading process is faster.