AWS vs Azure vs Google Cloud Market Report

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Cloud computing has become a necessity for every business nowadays. It does not matter if the business is small or big. An organization that has employees and there are some processes they do and they save records and other data. They need cloud computing to make sure everything happens smoothly and they save their data on the cloud without being afraid of losing it. Although are threats to the data on the cloud but service providers take care of it by making security very strong and intact. They have a team of experts that is available 24/7 in case of any threat or emergency.

A cloud service provider provides you every service you need for your business. It could be a private cloud for storing data or an email domain environment for the company, where employees can share information and private data through emails. Cloud service providers have three main types of services that are infrastructure as a service, software as a service and platform as a service. All the services provided by a provider are a subpart of these three types. Cloud service providers provide solutions to your business problems. It could be a computing problem or a storage problem. All the hardware and software work from the data centers of service providers. You just pay and you work using services you pay for. All the maintenance and security is on the cloud service provider. Now comes the part where you need to have some cloud services and you need to choose from the top cloud service providers that are AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google cloud.

AWS vs Azure vs Google Cloud

Amazon web services, Microsoft Azure and Google cloud are three top sitters when it comes to cloud computing services. Now when someone wants to choose from them, that is where the problem starts. One would need to compare them in terms of how well the computing of each is, how good the storage services are, and what kind of databases are being given by each one. On the basis of this comparison one can choose a cloud services provider for himself or for his company.

  1. Computing

AWS vs Azure vs Google cloud according to computing is discussed below.

AWS Computing

Elastic Compute Cloud: It is a computing service offered by Amazon web services that work on both windows and Linux. It is a computing web service that has a resizable computing capacity.

Container Service: Besides Elastic compute cloud, AWS offers container services that also support docker and Kubernetes. A virtual private cloud named ‘Lightsail’ is also offered by AWS.

Microsoft Compute

Computing services for Microsoft Azure are following.

Virtual Machines: Microsoft named their computing service as virtual machine. This has an in-built support for windows, SQL, Linux, Oracle, IBM and many more. Exactly like Amazon web services, it has options for high capacity computing and it also has GPU.

Additional Services: Microsoft Azure has a container service that is based on kubernetes. It uses Azure container registry and docker for management of container services. It also offers a service named service fabric that is designed especially for micro services architecture applications.

Google Compute

Computing services offered by Google are following.

Compute Engine: The computing service offered by Google is called compute engine that has the support for Linux and Microsoft. If we compare it with AWS and Azure, Google’s offerings in this are shorter.

Kubernete Engine: This is another computing service offered by Google that is kubernetes engine. This one is specifically used for deployment of containers.


The offerings of AWS, Azure and Google cloud in terms of storage are following.

AWS Storage

Amazon web services offering following storage services.

S3 to EFS: AWS being the oldest in the market has a lot to offer in storage department. For object storage they have a service called simple storage service (S3). For block storage they have Elastic block storage (EFS).

For Database and Archive: Aurora, Relational Database Service (RDS),  DynamoDB, Elastic in memory data store are same as the database services that AWS offers. There is a designated service for long term backups called Glacier. These little things and details about service can thoroughly be achieved by doing certifications offered by providers.

Microsoft Azure Storage

Storage services that Microsoft Azure offers are following.

Storage Services: Blob storage is the storage services offered by Azure for object storage and Queue storage for heavy amount of data and file storage. For big data application it also offers Data Lake Store.

Extensive Database: Azure’s offerings in terms of database are quite big. They offer three database options that is SQL database, MySQL database and PostgrSQL database. Microsoft Azure’s offers a training certification that is about every fundamental thing. You can enroll in Microsoft Azure fundamentals certification training and Microsoft Azure developer certification training from CloudInstitute. You can learn everything about Azure by doing this training.

Google Storage

Google storage services are following.

Unified Storage: As we discussed in compute it has shorter offerings in storage as well. It has unified cloud storage for object storage that has an option of persistent Disk.

SQL and NoSQL: The offerings of GCP in databases are SQL based cloud SQL and cloud spanner and NoSQL based cloud bigtable and cloud dataset.


Pricing is a factor that cannot be neglected when deciding which cloud service provider to choose. The very first thing that you see is your requirements and the services you need and then you shortlist all the providers offering those services. Pricing for all three big cloud service providers that is, Amazon web services, Microsoft Azure and Google cloud platform are following.

AWS Pricing

You can calculate the cost with the cost calculator AWS has. Its pricing is totally dependent on what services you use and for how long you use them.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure’s pricing structure is complex as well. They charge per-minute for the services which can be prepaid or monthly base, as you want.

Google Cloud Platform

Google’s pricing structure is consumer friendly and it has the best prices. They charge as per minute for services.