How to count characters in Excel


Calculating the characters in MS Word is easy, but it becomes somewhat tricky when it comes to Excel. In this article, let us learn to count the characters in MS Excel. Also see Lio App

Counting the characters in Excel

The LEN function can be used to count the characters in Excel, SUBSTITUTE function is used to count any specific character in Excel.

  • LEN function can be used to count the number of characters in a cell, it will count 6 letters, 1 space, and 2 numbers.
  • To count the number of characters in the range of cells, the LEN and SUM functions can be used.
  • The array formula enables counting the number of characters in a range of cells. The array formula can be used by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER and excel adds curly braces to the result
  • To know how many times a specific character appears in a cell, the LEN and SUBSTITUTE formulas can be used
  • By using the SUBSTITUTE function, the character that has an empty string will be replaced. To get the number of occurrences of any character, we need to subtract the number in a cell from 9 which is the total number of characters in A1.
  • To count how many times the array formula is used to count a specific character in a range of cells, any function is beneficial.
  • The array function is beneficial as an argument for the SUM function, the SUBSTITUTE function is case-sensitive.
  • Both the upper and lower case occurrences can also be counted by using the array formula.

The LEN and SUBSTITUTE are powerful tools to count the characters in Excel which aids in making your job easier and more efficient.