Some Exciting Artificially Intelligent Technologies Worth Waiting For


Artificial Intelligence has completely changed the way we live our lives, so much so that we have become used to Artificial intelligence as a part of our lives. We may not notice it but Artificial intelligence is somewhat a part of our daily activities.

Think of it this way, we all need assistance from Google Maps tonavigate to a new destination every now and then. This magical app is powered by Artificial Intelligence toprovide better assistance to its users.

We can attribute the advent of this technology to the availability of high-speed internet service like Suddenlink internet, which has made it easier to use such apps on the go. So, what else is this technology capable of and what else can we expect from it in the future? We have discussed technologies that are benefitting from Artificial intelligence.


Speech Recognition

Speech recognition is one of the most common technologies made possible by Artificial Intelligence. It has made its way into our phones, computers, as well as our appliances and it seems that it is not going to stop here. The speech recognition technology industry is expected to cross $30 billion in worth by the year 2025 and with players like Google, Apple, and IBM in the industry, it is only a matter of time before it happens.

Natural Language Generation

Unlike humans, machines do not communicate with others in plain English or any other language. They require a rather complex combination of language to help them communicate. Natural Language Generation is an area of Artificial Intelligence that converts data into an understandable format. It enables machines to communicate their messages without any misunderstandings whatsoever.

Decision Management

Right decision at the right time is key for any organization’s success. Companies such as Advanced Systems Concepts and Informatica utilize this technology to assist other organizations make better and productive decisions. Artificially intelligent machines incorporate certain algorithms and logic into the system, which can be further interpreted into quantifiable and qualitative measures that contribute toward decision making of an organization.

Virtual Agents

Every organization needs to keep an efficient client and/or customer interaction model active at all times. This requires a company to recruit several individuals to interact with these with customers. Artificial intelligence has made it easier with the introduction of Virtual Agents. Virtual Agents can communicate with humans and assist them. The most common example of this technology is chatbots that we can see on almost all major websitestoday.

Machine Learning

Computers that only follow a certain set of commands are a thing of the past now. Now, computers need to be more efficient and should be able to learn from past activities to improve overall user experience. Machine learning is a category of Artificial Intelligence that has made this possible.Using a certain set of algorithms, languages, and commands, it enables machines to learn from its interactions to make predictions, suggestions, and more.


Security and privacy are getting increasingly vulnerable with each passing day, which has lead to the birth of Biometric technology. Biometric technology enables a system to measure, identify and verify any form of access by verifying a person’s physical features such as the retina, fingerprint, face, and more. It is easy to compromise a code or pin, but with biometric technology, it way harder to bypass security.

AI Modeling

AI Modeling is a way for people to interact with digital objects in a physical manner. AI Modeling or Digital Twins  generate physically interactive models of either existing or potential pieces of machinery. This way, any and all the adjustments and modifications can be made to the system without spending time or money on taking apart or building the entire model from scratch.

Cyber Defense

The aim of any cyber defense system is to minimize and prevent any and all potential and existing threats to the infrastructure. This requires a sophisticated combination of neural technologies, machine learning technologies, and several other disciplines of Artificial Intelligence to perform efficiently. This particular area of Artificial Intelligence is of significant importance to a country’s military arsenal as nothing can be left to chance.

The Bottom Line

In short, Artificial Intelligence powers the entire intelligent computational model and is the foundation for all upcoming technologies. While some of them may be in their premature phases, all of them have the potential to change the world of technology substantially. However, to make the best use of artificial intelligence, you need to have a good internet connection, which you can get from Buytvinternetphone.