The Case of the Missing Website


It is said that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”  In the case of websites, this is partly true. Your website might indeed be beautiful.   But if nobody can find it, then there is no “beholder,” and the result is beautiful or not, the website is invisible to those who might be looking for your goods and services.  If your site is invisible, it doesn’t matter how fabulous it is; it is not helping your business. 

If you type in your web address directly or even search for your company by name, your website usually appears.  If you search for your company based on what you do or what you sell, it can be a whole different story.

A great website is great for growing your business.  Some businesses have a website because it seemed like the thing to do, even if it does not bring in more customers or orders. If a website exists just so people can learn about a company whose name they already know, then there is no pressing need to promote a site based on what they do.  But what if you want your website to do more?

And what if your business name does not closely match your products or services? Say a business has a name like “X Consulting” and offers logistics consulting services.  Doing an online search for “logistics” or “supply chain” or “transportation consulting” will yield thousands of websites, but will it yield the website for X Consulting? If X Consulting does nothing to promote their site, it is not likely that they will be found on Google.

If a website is going to attract new customers, then it must be more than beautiful.  It must be visible in the first three pages of Google search engine result pages. The first page is even better.

How to convince Google to list your site on its first page?  Well, it helps to be a great site, visually attractive with a compelling message.  But Google requires more than that. Many parts of the search engine equation focus in determining placement in search engine results.  

“Search Engine Optimization” or (SEO) is a tried and tested technique used all over the internet to assist sites to rank higher than others.  A NJ SEO company can help your website be more than just beautiful.  Read this infographic from Landau Consulting to learn how to make sure your website does not go missing from search engine result pages.