Web Design 101 – 4 Main Font Types Every Designer Should Know


There are thousands of fonts that exist in today’s world. Some even believe that there might be a million more. Believe it or not, your font matters to your ecommerce website design. Remember that fonts can make or break your website design.

While you might not be sure which exact font you should put on, it’s worth learning the different types of fonts to allow you to determine the best font for your current web design despite the diversity. So, which one should you use? Here are the four main variations of fonts you need to know.

1. Serif

Serif fonts are among the oldest font types and often the most used due to their professional and elegant appeal. The most signature look for serif is the extending dashes from each stroke. It’s ideal for printing and websites, making them suitable for body text and headers. Almost every website design company in Singapore and prints often rely on serif fonts due to their flexibility.

2. Sans-serif

Sans-serif, also known as sans letterform or gothic, lacks the extending feature present in every serif type font. Just like serifs, they work well on both screens and prints. Designers often recognise it as the most versatile font type due to its more minimalistic look that works well in small and header sizes. Almost every best web design company in Singapore often pairs sans-serif and serif for different headings.

3. Script

If the display or decorative fonts are anything that is ornament-oriented, scripts are much simpler in appeal. They are easy to categorise due to their ‘hand-written’, calligraphy or cursive style. Every web design application often uses it for creating headers, quotes or logos.

4. Display/decorative fonts

Display or decorative typefaces are perhaps one of the most confusing ones to pin down. However, the most standard characteristic of a decorative or display typeface is its unique and imaginative style rich in details or ornaments. They are basically anything you can think of to make your font look fancier, from abstract to 3D style. However, they are less versatile.

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