What Is the Relevance of Technology?



There is a reason that the United States of America has emerged as the preeminent nation in the global marketplace since World War II. Our leaders have looked to the principles of free market capitalism as their guidepost. This approach has translated to a robust, well-paying job market, an economic engine fueled by a vibrant private sector, and a social framework that eschews the dreary quagmire of socialism. In short, it has set the stage for economic success.

Technology has played a pivotal role in our nation’s success, and the ข่าวไอที  industry is the largest and most powerful sector of the American economy. One could argue that the value we’ve extracted from technology is the source of our international economic dominance. I would argue that it’s the engine of our economic engine.

And yet, for the first time in history, technology is being challenged by one of its own – artificial intelligence. The technology that has been built in the past 50 years is on the precipice of a major transformation. AI is set to take down the economic and social edifice built by men. And this transformation will be a major challenge to the US economy.

There is an important corollary to the disruption caused by AI. AI is setting the stage for a seismic shift in labor market dynamics that will fundamentally alter the nature of work in the future. That is what is driving the rapid development of technology from niche tools to core tools.

In the not so distant future, AI will be more pervasive, more powerful, and much more human-like than it is today. I’m not talking about tomorrow. I’m talking about the near future. The way we’re thinking about the future impacts of AI is that of a quaint, quaint notion of the future.

If you’ve been reading my writing for more than a year, you know that I predict that AI will be the foundational driver of the work economy. You know that I anticipate massive job displacement because of AI. You know that I believe AI will be the central catalyst for the technological progress of the next 10,000 years.

If you’ve followed my writings on why we should embrace AI, you know that I’ve built a framework called Relevance Theory that will become the basis for how we think about the world of work. And you know that I expect AI to be the first major disruption in the system of work in the history of mankind. Artificial intelligence is having a massive impact on the world of work today.

Artificial intelligence is having a massive impact on the world of work today. And it will have a massive impact in the future. In my latest book, The Disruption Dividend, I explored how the organization of work will change over the next three to five decades.