Xter Texter App (texting app) does not allow incoming texts


XterTexter Is the Best Way to Care for Your Loved at The Wheels

There is worrying news on the increase in road crashes on the American roads. They indicate that about 15,913 crashes occur on the roads daily, and among the significant causes is texting while driving. For every four crashes that occur on the roads, one of them arises when a driver texts while driving. Nobody has ever come out to address this problem of accidents that are caused by these texting drivers. However, the good news is that Jesse Mungia has developed a communication app that will reduce or even end such incidences – XterTexter App. A communication app that does not distract drivers Ever!! yet does not restrict you’re phone Ever!!

Jesse became a very disturbed guy when he was boarding a car that his wife was driving. As the wife drove along, she received a message in her phone, removed the phone from her purse, unlocked it, texted back, and the worst of it, she did not look at the road until she finished texting back: so horrifying. It was after this ordeal that he decided to develop an app that could prevent messages from causing any distraction to drivers.

How does XterTexter App work?

You need not receive a message while driving, or it is not necessary for your friend or family member to text you while you are at the wheels. Xter messaging app is designed to hold the message that a person sends to you when driving past 6mph to after 10 minutes after stopping. Equally, you can share your movement speed with them so that they can see when you are driving to avoid texting you. Another option is to show them that you are in a geotag zone that you cannot be contacted, especially on highways.

The use of XterTexter App goes beyond driving. It is the best app that you need if you do not want to receive messages when in a meeting, at work, enjoying your dinner, watching movies, and exercising at the gym. In such cases, XterTexter allows you to create “No contact” zones for the places that you do not want people to disturb you. This app ensures that you enjoy every bit of your moments.

Why you need XterTexter App

XterTexter App removes any worry of danger. Usually, when you receive a message on your phone, there are a few seconds that your eyes get away from the road. As this is a natural reflex action that you cannot resist, some awful occurrences may ensue within those seconds. XterTexter App is your friend at these times: it protects you.

As a friend, XterTexter knows when to protect you. It delays the messages from getting into your phone to the time that you are very active on it. It enables you to create a perimeter around the places that you frequently visit: those you have identified as “no texting” areas.

For those who are disturbed that this app will limit them from other features found on messenger, rest assured that all those features like messaging and sending pictures are available in this XterTexter. It can even access your contacts, with your permission, so that you cannot endanger your loved ones while they are on the road. Otherwise, it is so easy, fast, and very convenient.

Why risk your life and the life of your loved ones on the road, get your XterTexter App to keep them safe.