Ways to Use Mobile Devices for Business 


Many small business owners are also underutilizing the power of mobile to develop their companies. Be it SMS marketing platforms or social media platforms. Here are five more ways to use your mobile device to boost your business, in addition to the four mentioned above:

  1. Keep track of and plan the company’s expenses: Many smartphone apps exist that allow you to scan or photograph all of your annoying receipts while on the road, then archive and organize them in the cloud. It sure beats tossing a large stack of receipts out of your pocket when it comes to expense reporting and tax planning.
  2. Build a presentation: Tablets are easier to transport than laptops, making them ideal for impromptu sales pitches to potential clients. This is particularly true if you work in a position that requires a lot of visual stimulation. Tablets can view an interior designers, event planner’s, or landscaper’s portfolio of work to its full potential thanks to their crisp picture resolution and bright colors.
  3. Take orders from customers: Restaurant and bar owners will speed up the sales process by having their servers take orders on tablets. With less time spent writing orders down and less space for error, the servers will spend more time conversing with clients, increasing their tips and increasing your sales. Instead of filling, filing, and inputting paper forms, you can create fillable forms and make your customers fill them out on a computer.
  4. Accept payments: Just a small percentage of small business owners accept purchases from consumers via mobile devices. Several tools available are simple to use and allow you to accept payments from customers using their credit and debit cards, so you don’t have to turn away potential buyers who don’t have cash. You don’t have to be a mobile company to benefit—equip salespeople with tablets to make sales on the spot and keep lines moving in your retail store (or stop them altogether).
  5. Use SMS marketing:  SMS marketing platforms are becoming an increasingly important part of successful multi-channel marketing as more brands look to reach consumers on the go. Companies incorrectly conclude that mobile marketing necessitates a substantial investment in apps that it does not allow for customized, targeted contact and that it lacks comprehensive analytics to help company. The truth is that gaining access to mobile users (smartphone and non-smartphone) can be as easy as sending a customised, targeted text message. The ability to initiate two-way SMS messaging between a company and its smartphone users is critical to creating a brand in households all over the world, as long as consumer privacy is secured by legal opt-in requirements.
  6. Obtain signatures from clients: Isn’t it true that having a signature on a contract is the most agonizingly slow part of the process? Customers can sign contracts and other documents right on your tablet or phone with the help of digital document signing apps. The sooner you sign the contract, the sooner you will begin working (and the faster you can get paid).