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Shared Hosting Or VPS Hosting Which One To Prefer And Why?


When it comes to setting up your website, knowing your choices for web hosting will help you avoid superficial results. Whether you’re starting with your website from scratch or redesigning the available website, you’ll require to search for the hosting package that has the best chance of making your site the most effective.

You’ve come to the right place if you’re unsure which of the many available web hosting choices would work best for you. If you’re using a shared hosting account and do not know about the options, this article is certainly for you. Also, if you have no idea what platform your website is built on, this article would be beneficial to you!

We’ll see the two most popular types of web hosting to see which one best suits your website’s needs: Shared hosting vs. linux and windows VPS hosting.

Shared Hosting 

Shared hosting deals with sharing the server resources with other websites. The shared server is the physical server that provides various resources like disk space, bandwidth, CPU, database, RAM, security, etc. 

Shared hosting is the most basic and cheapest web hosting type. 

Unfortunately, if there is a lot of traffic on the same server of your website, your site will have limited bandwidth and may become sluggish.

You can have access to ample resources when the server is not busy, but you must plan for when everyone enters and things become crowded.

 Although shared hosting got its benefits, things can get a little restricted at points.

The various advantages of shared hosting are:

  1. Easy setup

It’s easy to get started with shared hosting. If you’re just going to run one website, it’s already set up, and you’ll probably never have to do anything but work on the front end (for example Magento or WordPress admin panel).

Even if you need to take backups or add FTP users in the future, using standardized software like cPanel, which comes pre-installed on almost all shared hosting environments, makes it easy.

  1. Pocket-friendly

The shared hosting plans are too affordable compared to other hosting plans. The shared hosting plans are usually cheaper as you do not take extra server space or other resources.

  1. 24-7 Customer support

There are web hosting companies that provide 24-7 customer support. You do not have to deal with any technical issues, the web hosts deal with all the technical and non-technical hosting issues. 

MilesWeb, India’s most reliable web hosting company provides the best support to its clients. 

  1. Managed infrastructure

You live as a power user with shared hosting and don’t have to think about what’s beneath. System downtime, repairs, and updates are all handled by the hosting service provider. 

Time to know when to get a shared hosting plan.

Shared hosting is the best choice to make if you have a small business. If you are an affiliate marketer, blogger or web designer shared hosting is the best choice to make. For beginners shared hosting is always a better option as you have a negligible risk of spending money on unwanted plans and resources.

As each web hosting type has its own unique features let us see what VPS hosting is.

VPS Hosting

In VPS hosting, VPS stands for a virtual private server. VPS hosting type divides the physical server into multiple virtual blocks. Each block is given to the user. VPS provides dedicated IP that improves the security of websites and avoids the interference of other sites. linux VPS hosting is comparatively expensive than shared hosting.

In VPS hosting you can install the necessary software, customize it to your requirements, build databases and websites, manage the users, ensure protection, and need not worry about updates and downtime, among other things.

The various advantages of VPS hosting are:

The most important benefit is VPS hosting is it provides resource scalability.

  1. Scalability

Scalability is the feature provided in VPS hosting plans. Scalability allows you to add resources according to the business requirement. E-commerce site at times has heavy traffic so the resources on such e-commerce site can be scaled up whenever needed.

  1. Security

VPS plans are more secured because of the dedicated IP. Since a VPS is a closed environment, it is much safer than shared hosting. If a virus infects a website hosted on a shared server, it can easily progress up and around the directory structure, infecting anything in its path. Certainly, in VPS hosting one infected website cannot affect the other websites on the server because of the dedicated IP.

  1. Server control

You can add and remove the applications you want in VPS hosting. Also, you have the liberty to select the operating system of your choice. If you have a PHP site and want to move to Node, all you have to do is install Node and change a few settings. It’s possible to upgrade or move databases, install a free SSL certificate, and strengthen website protection in VPS hosting.

Let us know when to get VPS hosting plan

VPS hosting is ultimately the most reliable choice when you’re planning to expand your business in the future.

You can opt for VPS hosting when you have a more substantial budget and want to invest more in your site.

The other case when you can go for VPS hosting is when you are expecting high traffic for your website.

If we compare the two in terms of security, control, and performance VPS hosting gets at the first position by providing the best resources, security, server control, and website performance. Also, VPS hosting provides scalability, flexibility features that are not provided in shared hosting plans.

Only if we consider the pricing of both, shared and VPS hosting plans, the cost of shared hosting is too less than VPS hosting plans and so are the resources.

Final Verdict:

If you are a newbie in the web hosting market, going for a shared hosting plan is always a better choice to make. But, if you have had a website and looking for the best service for your booming business website you should certainly opt for VPS hosting plan.