BudgetVM Cloud Hosting Review: Why Choose Their Service?


Certainly, in the web hosting marketplace there are several cloud alternatives. It is tough, especially if you look for speed and maximum uptime, to find a reliable web hosting. Since a lot of money is put into the service, whom you can trust and whom you can’t trust is difficult to understand. Do not forget to check this BudgetvM review, a leading hosting company in the world, before you place the hard earned money in the hosting market.

BudgetVM was founded in 2004 and became a renowned company after then. The company offers standard hosting and is equipped with various attractive rates and plans that are beneficial for all walks of life. You will find hosting packages for all kinds of websites and blogs, whether you are a new business or have already established yourself in the market. You will realise that the company has covered all aspects of hosting by reading different BudgetVM’s reviews.

Features you will receive from BudgetVM

BudgetVM renders a completely flexible, credible and cost efficient package. Here are some of the main advantages of web hosting in form of the BudgetVM packages:

  • Bandwidth of 100 MBPS
  • Store space of 2GB, 8GB and 16GB as specified
  • Transfer without limitation
  • Unlimited Domain hosting
  • Unlimited e-mail accounts
  • MySQL databases are unlimited
  • Free Site development
  • Registration for free domains
  • Set up is free and instant
  • For each IP additional IP in $1
  • Maximum guarantee of uptime
  • Support of clients, 24/7
  • Cash back guarantee

The best thing about choosing them is that if you have problems with their packages, you will be able to get your money back. Some companies are going to reward you with money on cloud hosting packages, but the company does justice to its clients and always returns money if you want to leave its services.

Reviews of Clients

Before you purchase BudgetVM, the existing reviews will keep you focused on the best possible decision. Many cloud server hosting companies promise to provide superb support and technical support for customers. Yet neither of these businesses have the same type of passionate reviews that you watch for the BudgetVM.

You’ll be surprised how happy you are with the fresh air in a crowded web hosting market. Just look at some reviews and you’ll be able to decide yourself.

Here are some of their customers’ reviews:

  • Andy, 37 Yrs

I was keenly looking for some good hosting company as I was about to launch a new website. Then one of my friends recommended me to try BudgetVM. I tried their services and was very much satisfied. The server they provided was very efficient with no downtime at all.

  • Mary, 42 Yrs

I tried the services of BudgetVM and was very much satisfied with them. My website was a high-traffic website and the server from BudgetVm performed amazingly even in high traffic situations. It was indeed the best server I ever used. I would like to recommend the services of BudgetVm to others as well.

Value for price

You will receive a variety of options for only $12.50 a month at least up to a maximum of $74/month, and again depending on the price and the characteristics without hidden fees. Moreover, additional functionalities and features such as c-panel management, additional IPs with additional costs can be added.

BudgetVM cloud web hosting also has 99.9% uptime, fast server speed and various options to better understand web hosting and website building for beginners and renowned companies. One feature which can make you purchase your cloud hosting servers is that it offers tutorials on the control panel so that customers can use their service step by step. Also many advanced tutorials are available, a knowledge base that will facilitate users to set up their hosting. These options will constantly maintain your website and ensure that you learn simultaneously.

Affiliate Program of BudgetVM

BudgetVM also provides you the opportunity to earn money. You can not only reap the advantages of affordable packages but also earn money from them. You’re going to wonder probably how? You only need to join their referral programme and advise your friends or people who want to host hosting services from BudgetVM via your link. The company will therefore pay you a percentage of the package others are purchasing.

To take advantage of BudgetVM’s services, you must simply go to the end of their website. At the right hand corner you will view an affiliate programme option. Just click on it and you can add additional money in your wallet with their affiliate partner.

Final Words

You will indeed find scalability, reliability and flexibility when you explore the hosting options of BudgetVM. It is important to choose services from BudgetVM because this is the only company that can provide maximum commission for referrals from its affiliates. Nobody can ignore the benefits of BudgetVM. It is a complete package of reliability, scalability, flexibility, customer service and speed that hardly any hosting supplier in the world can provide.