AC, Refrigerator and Washing machine: How to Choose the bests of the Lot


Whatever the consumption habits, it is advisable to store the refrigerator correctly so that the products are kept at the right temperature. In fact, in the cabin of a refrigerator, the temperature is rarely homogeneous, since air at room temperature enters each time the door is opened. Depending on the refrigerator, these temperature differences are more or less significant: those who use ventilated cold (No Frost or Total No Frost) offer a more homogeneous temperature, while the variations are more significant within refrigerators using brewed cold. Finally, this phenomenon is most common in static cold models (some entry-level models still use it). When you go for the Best refrigerator then these are things that you must keep in mind

Washing Machine Choices

Between a front Best washing machine (porthole), a top washing machine, a washer-dryer, and even a space-saving or top-opening washing machine, there is sometimes plenty to get lost. Not to mention that to choose your washing machine correctly, you must take into consideration the energy consumption, the capacity and the quality of spin of the appliance! Here are some tips for choosing the right washing machine and helping you make the best choice.

Washing capacity of a washing machine

Today some brands of washing machines offer you devices that can hold 10 kg of dry laundry. If these large capacities are essential for large families and more economical to use (you will do less laundry with a large capacity machine) they are not always necessary for everyday use.

Do you want to buy a new washing machine? Take the time to inform yourself before embarking on a purchase that you will regret for having decided too quickly. Before ordering on the internet to buy your new machine, ask yourself this question. What is my real need?

Top washing machine ( top loading)

·        Easier to accommodate in small spaces, the top washing machine is compact (40 to 46 cm wide and 60 cm deep).

·        Preferable for small spaces and people with fragile backs.

·        No need to get on all fours to fill your washing machine.

Porthole washing machine (front loading)

Requiring more space (60 cm wide and 52 to 60 cm deep), the porthole washing machine offers the advantage of being able to receive a dryer on top.

·        It can even be used as a worktop or storage when it is intended to be installed in the kitchen or in the bathroom.

·        Convenient when space is not expandable.

·        The window washing machines can also be built-in to be forgotten and gain in aesthetics.

For the AC

We can install the Best AC for each individual room to be conditioned.In this case, the ideal is an air conditioner with inverter technology.In order for this system to function properly, it is necessary to first know both the power of the external motor and that of the single internal splits.But beware that when splits are used simultaneously there may be power reduction problems.

The noise of the air conditioners

If you want to buy an air conditioner to cool the bedroom on summer nights, it is very important that the chosen appliance is silent because otherwise it could compromise our rest.

Usually it is the external motor that makes the most noise, therefore in the rump of its installation it would be advisable to avoid positioning it near the bedroom.

Since even the indoor unit can be noisy, at the time of purchase it is necessary to pay attention to its decibels, assuming that the best noise level (for night use) should be between 20 and 30 dB.