Jeff Kaplan, Overwatch and Winning


Jeff Kaplan confirmed that Havana will be the new Payload folder in Overwatch, after the Storm Rising event that will happen. The Storm Rising event is in full swing on Blizzard’s shooter, Overwatch. Jeff Kaplan, the man behind the helm of Blizzard’s shooter, confirmed that Havana will be the new Payload folder when the event ends. With the overwatch sr boosting you can get the best support now in winning the games.

Overwatch: Havana will be the new Payload folder

Havana is the capital of Cuba and plays a central role in the in-game event, when that ends on May 6, the map will be introduced. During a stream with OhNickel on Facebook, Kaplan said that the folder is quickly on the Public Test Realm, which is common for new Overwatch content and is done to detect and fix bugs.

The Overwatch Storm Rising event has just started and players are diving into the new Brawl, the final scene may hint at a new hero.

Storm Rising is the newest Overwatch event and takes the players to Cuba. The villain Maximilien must be stopped there, but if we succeed, we see Doomfist suddenly speaking with a mysterious character in the Egyptian desert.

We see the dark hero very briefly in the new event but we have seen enough to see that it would be a cool new addition to the roster. It looks like a large Omnic that has cables as a kind of haircut and a kind of red arrow on the face.

Overwatch new hero possibly revealed in Storm Rising

Jeff Kaplan, the Overwatch boss, said during a stream that the Omnic is not part of the Talon organization, but did not reveal anything about the mysterious character. The Storm Rising event ends on May 6, until then you can participate and earn various cosmetic upgrades, check all skins here .

The Overwatch Storm Rising event has started and the last skin to be revealed is that of Ashe, Socialite Ashe is tight in the suit.

  • The Overwatch Storm Rising event started today and the last skin made available during the event has been revealed. As the leaks already indicated, it is Ashe who is the last to get a new skin.
  • Socialite Ashe is a high class version of the wealthy thief, she has a fur collar coat and her iconic weapon has a pink-gold finish. BOB also gets a makeover and he is dressed as a butler, complete with a monocle (glasses for only one eye).

The Ashe skin is the last to be released by Blizzard for the Storm Rising event, a trailer released by the developer is already depicting Tracer on an engine that has led to speculation about a similar vehicle in the mission. You need to have a proper idea of the same and come up with the best choices for the same. Then the chances for winning comes perfect now. You need to be specific on the same now. Be sure of the whole thing now.